Interfacing to the KAWASAKI   F  Controller I/O

Appendix 6 of the F Controller manual shows the pinout of the 2AB/2AE XGPIO connector.

This is a 50 pin Hirose connector which offers 16 input and 16 output channels of external I/O

Graviton offers two solutions to make interfacing with this connector simple and quick to wire.

Solution A

Use the splitter unit FSPLIT with 16 channel Input and Output MODULES.  

The FSPLIT is a small PCB with three connectors in a DIN rail mounting housing. 

The central connector is 50 pole to link to the I/O connector on the F Series controller.

We offer cable BMC1 for this connection. BMC1 is a screened circular cable 1.8m long.

The outer 37 pole connectors link to one each of 16 channel Input and 16 channel Output Modules


Details of 16 channel MODULES 

are on the separate page

Solution B

Breakout unit type BMF1

Provides a custom PCB with screw terminal blocks giving access to all connections.

This unit is not used with the Graviton 16 channel modules, it is a stand alone solution with screw terminal connections only.  BMF1 is supplied in DIN rail mounting base.

All connections associated with inputs group onto one terminal block, and all connections associated with outputs group onto the other terminal block.

Prefitted markers identify all functions according to the F series pinout and can easily be customised.

Dimensions are 80x80mm height 60mm. Terminals are 2.5mm2 on 5mm pitch.

50 core cable to link to the F series controller is also available. Screened  1.8m long. Type BMC1