NEW COMBI Module for Kawasaki Robot applications

12 Inputs and 8 outputs in one module

Our new module connects directly to the inputs and outputs on CN2 and CN4 of the 1HW and 1TW I/O board. Robust screw terminals provide real-world connection to each line. Prenumbered 1-12 and 1-8, easily renumbered using standard tags used for DIN rail terminals. DIN rail bases clip to standard TS35 symmetrical rail. Opto isolators are socketed for easy replacement. Relays can be socketed to order but are normally soldered directly to the PCB.

24Vdc is required to power each Module.
Each Module has a Green power-on LED.

Each robot I/O connects directly to the new module using 2 x 37 way cables. One each to
CN2 and CN4.

Input Channels 1-12 respond to 24V present on an input line, illuminating an LED and Opto-Isolating the signal before passing it on to CN4 on the robot I/O controller, where the relevant input 1 to 12 is activated

Output Channels 1-8 respond to a 24V signal from CN2 on the robot I/O controller, Illuminating an LED and activating a Relay. The Relays are rated 5A 250Vac OMRON G6D industrial types, SP NO with one common contact

Output and Common circuit diagram

Input and Common circuit diagram