We are a British company specialising in the design and manufacture of Interface Modules for Automation and Process Control applications.

We offer prompt, customised solutions to requirements ranging from simple connector translation to isolation, monitoring, indication, protection, switching, timing and signal processing and conversion.

Previous experience includes the simplest RJ45 Inline coupler on a DIN rail base, through video switches to a suite of modules for Kawasaki Robotics I/O isolation which have evolved with the controller spec over 10+ years.

We are based in Somerset (SW UK) and offer Avionics standard PCB assembly, inspection and testing of all units.

Although we are mainly asked for DIN rail compliant mountings, we can work with a wide variety of enclosures.

The only standard products we offer as stock items are interface modules for Kawasaki robot I/O applications.

We have supplied a variant on these since 1998 to users in Europe and the Americas. Requirements have included single units up to equipping every robot in the Jaguar factory at Coventry.

Click here to find out more about the Kawasaki Robotics I/O modules we offer from stock; Kawasaki

Contact Matthew Shooter now to discuss your requirements on Tel (44) 077024 35027 or sales@gravitonltd.eu